MPC Key Management Solutions for the DeFi Revolution

Key Sovereignty Purpose Built for DeFi from the Ground Up


KeyFi is the result of innovations brought to light from collaborative research and development by Unbound Technologies, Celsius Network, and Monarch Wallet.


KeyFi's primary product offering is a unique, true self-custody implementation leveraging multi-party computation purpose-built for interconnectivity between the DeFi and CeFi worlds.


KeyFi's SaaS offering will include the world's first-ever production MPC application allowing for trustly-entry shared participant vaults to benefit HODLers of all sizes in a multitude of ways.

Join the DeFi Revolution

Note: It is important to understand that KeyFi’s unique key management applications are not comprehensive ‘custody’ solutions. Custody is a loaded term that insinuates many ancillary capabilities and services that are over and above the key management capabilities that KeyFi, Inc., and companies like us, are focused on delivering.